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First server opened! Posted 31.08.2015 by Rocksmith

Hey players!

We finally opened our gaming portal. We are hosting old school retro servers for Minecraft and we plan adding Counter Strike in future. I hope you enjoy playing on our gaming servers opened only for you. On our first Tekkit Classic server, you can do everything you want incl. cheating. You can protect your building using "Claims" (Grief Prevention) - use golden spade for creating it. Just hold spade in hand, click on 1st corner, click on 2nd corner and your claim is created. For changing size or viewing corners, click on the ground with string, and it will show corners for you. Then click on corner you wan't to move, and click again on new position. If you have some friends playing with you, just simply use /trust name for giving him permissions to build and do other things in your buildings. To remove your claim, use /abandonclaim and then confirm it. For removing your friend from claim, use /untrust nick. I hope you enjoy playing on our Tekkit server. Cheers! :)

Gamehosting is provided by SwordHost.Eu, HQ hosting with many server packages, no lags and low prices.

Second server opened! Posted 01.09.2015 by Rocksmith

Here we go!

Second server is on the world. It's running on every version of Minecraft 1.8. You can play survival only, but some minigames will be added soon.

Enjoy playing! :)

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